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When charged with a crime, you may feel shocked. You may feel disoriented. The prospect of a criminal conviction almost certainly looms large. The impact can be devastating to your family relationships, your employment future and your immediate well-being. You can face a host of sanctions, including fines, probation, jail or prison, as well as collateral consequences. With so much as stake, the attorney you choose to represent you matters and you should act as soon as possible. 

At Hall Estill, dismissal of your case is our first objective. When that fails, we will be prepared to go to trial as we seek with single-minded zeal the best outcome possible for you.

The wealth of our trial experience is a great advantage. We have years of experience preparing for and presenting trials. We are comfortable in the courtroom and know the prosecutors, the judges and the legal landscape. We will exhaust all avenues to find intelligent and effective solutions for your defense. 

We've been in the prosecutor's shoes and know what evidence they are looking for, as well as what evidence doesn't help them. We are in a strong position to argue for dropped or reduced charges and mitigated sentences. And when those are not the most desirable avenue, our trial experience is stellar.

Hall Estill criminal lawyers have a solid record of success defending those accused of:

  • Assault & Battery
  • Burglary
  • DWI/DUI Defense
  • Drug Crimes & Violations
  • Juvenile Crimes
  • White Collar Defense & Financial Crimes

When choosing a defense attorney to represent you, there is no substitute for experience. We have seen and handled all types of cases posing myriad legal issues and we understand how to go about confronting those issues to build a viable defense, how to present these to the court and how to tell your story in the most compelling way possible. 


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