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The ownership and operation of an automotive dealership encompasses virtually every area of the law and our team of attorneys has more than 30 years experience in representing auto dealers. In fact, we represent a variety of automobile dealers who own multiple locations, including some of the largest automotive dealers and groups in the state of Oklahoma. The large number of dealerships we represent enables us to stay abreast of developments in the automotive industry which impact dealers.

Acting as General Counsel for clients, we are called upon to provide advice and counsel to dealers in a wide array of matters, including: 

  • Negotiation, Purchase & Sale of Dealerships
  • Taxation
  • Employment Contracts
  • Employee Benefits
  • Environmental Issues
  • Dealership Operations
  • Formation Advice
  • Acquisition, Sale and Leasing Issues
  • Off-Shore Reinsurance Entities
  • Franchise Disputes & Other Issues with Manufacturers
  • Relocation Protest Actions
  • Motor Vehicle Commission Issues
  • Transition/Succession/Estate Planning
  • Operating & Shareholder Agreements
  • Floor Plan Financing

Of course, we observe strict confidentiality in our representation of different dealer groups and in so doing are able to represent dealers who compete in the same market areas.


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