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Water Law

We have the experience needed to deal with land and water rights, as well as other natural resource and environmental concerns. Further, we assist clients in dealing with tribal rights, contamination and endangered species issues, as well as air quality concerns.

In addition, within the area of Water Law, we work closely with clients on a variety of water-related issues, including water rights, water quality, water service territory and water service contracts. Our experienced counsel assist many types of clients such as municipalities and other governmental agencies, rural water districts, commercial developers, and individual property owners.

Water Rights
We provide advice and advocacy to clients regarding the adjudication of water rights in state and federal courts and administrative proceedings.

Water Quality
We are also highly experienced at handling administrative and regulatory proceedings concerning water quality.

Water Service Territory
Many water providers, water users, and developers find difficulty dealing with monopoly protection held by some water service providers resulting from loans from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Oklahoma Water Resources Board. Hall Estill Water Law attorneys guide clients through these water service territory issues and the risks of litigation involved. We are on the forefront of this area of litigation.

Water Service Contracts
Wholesale water service and transfer contracts must be handled with care, due to regulations and other risks. We can guide clients through these risks. We assist buyers and sellers in addressing contractual issues of pricing, volume, water quality, and capacity commitments.