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Our attorneys represent Tribes, parties appearing in Tribal Courts, and parties doing business with Tribes, in the full range of legal services throughout the United States. Our firm has roots in Indian Country arising from our founding and headquarters in Oklahoma, which has expanded in recent years to Tribes across the country. Our respect for Native American history gives our attorneys unique insights into the challenges that Native Peoples face, so that we are able to provide full-service legal and strategic advice and counsel on all of the critical issues facing Native Peoples today, including:

  • Protecting tribal sovereignty and natural resources;
  • Developing economies and infrastructure;
  • Expanding access to healthcare and educational services; and,
  • Enhancing tribal governance and business structures.

We also understand and appreciate the unique needs of tribal governments and other Native American organizations in the new and complex intersections of Federal Indian Law and state law following the Supreme Court's decision in McGirt v. Oklahoma, 140 S. Ct. 2452 (2020).

Our Native American law attorneys interface with lawyers across the firm to provide our clients with comprehensive legal services and advocacy including:

  • Federal and State Government Relations and Advocacy
  • Tribal Sovereignty and Self-Governance
  • Environment and Natural Resources
  • Energy and Utility Projects
  • Litigation in Tribal Courts
  • Litigation Between a Tribe and a Third-Party
  • Indian Gaming
  • Taxation
  • Tribal Labor and Employment and Employee Benefits
  • Business and Corporate Organization and Tribal Business Ventures
  • Public and Project Financing
  • Probate and Estate Planning
  • Health and Housing Law
  • Federal Grants and Contracts
  • Real Estate
  • Regulatory Compliance and Internal Investigations

Whether you are a Tribal government, a litigant appearing in a Tribal Court, or a company that is, or is looking to, do business with Tribes - our attorneys have the knowledge, skills, training, and experience to assist you with your legal needs.


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