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Denver IP Attorney Zachary S. Al-Tabbaa talks with World Intellectual Property Review - How Does Copyright Law Handle Decades-old Songs?

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Zachary S. Al-Tabbaa a patent, trademark and copyright attorney in Hall Estill's Denver Office talks with World Intellectual Property Review

Similar to All I Want For Christmas is You, Tupac’s Dear Mama has been named in a copyright suit some 30 years after it hit the charts, but the two cases are fundamentally different.

Almost three decades after its initial release, rapper Tupac’s hit song Dear Mama is now the subject of a fresh copyright lawsuit that was filed this week in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York. 

How does the Copyright Act work when dealing with a work that was created years ago? 

Zachary S. Al-Tabbaa, a patent, trademark and copyright attorney at US firm Hall Estill, breaks down how the law generally works in cases like this—and compares it to the recent lawsuit against Mariah Carey for the song All I Want for Christmas is You.


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