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Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Attorney Collin Walke  for CNBC - The generative A.I. battle between companies and hackers is starting


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Cyber vulnerabilities are becoming democratized,” said Collin R. Walke, head of law firm Hall Estill’s cybersecurity and data privacy practice. More and more individuals have the capabilities of hackers, using things like ransomware-as-a-service and AI, and for CISOs and other cyber leaders, the rapid adoption of generative AI “changes the threat landscape tremendously,” he said.

For example, the use of generative AI has made phishing attacks easier and more authentic looking. “It used to be that when an employee got a phishing email it was somewhat easy to tell it was a fake because there was just something off about the wording,” Walke said. With generative AI, a non-English-speaking bad actor can instantly and nearly flawlessly translate an email into any language, making it harder for employees to spot the fakes.

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