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OKC Family Law Attorney Gile Family Featured in Journal Record - Family law, all in the family

March 24, 2021

Journal Record

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“Clients and judges see we believe in the closeness of family” 

OKLAHOMA CITY – For the Gile family, the family business is family law.

John Gile started practicing more than 40 years ago, helping families navigate divorce, child custody, and other domestic issues. For 22 years he owned a small practice in Edmond, where he and his wife, Candy, raised their four children. She set up the IT and bookkeeping systems.

As they grew, the two oldest siblings, Matt and Leslie, helped by filing and answering the phone. Matt mowed the lawn. When he chose family law for his own career, his father was pleased.

“I was glad Matt saw what we do is help people,” John said. READ MORE HERE


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