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Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Attorney Collin Walke for Nikkei Asia- TikTok sell-or-ban bill heads to Senate: What's next?

April 2024

Nikkei Asia

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Hall Estill Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Attorney Collin R. Walke talked with YIFAN YU, Nikkei staff writer regarding the U.S. House of Representative bill aimed at forcing TikTok to either cut ties with its Chinese parent, ByteDance, or be banned from operating in America.

Progress on either front is on hold as Congress heads into a two-week Easter recess -- and it may not regain momentum right away once lawmakers are back.

"My understanding is that there's at least some pushback coming from the Senate," said Collin R. Walke, a cybersecurity and data privacy partner at the law firm Hall Estill and a former member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives. "But I do think that we will see something done by the end of the year." 

Collin R. Walke is special counsel and leads national law firm Hall Estill’s Cybersecurity and Data Privacy practice. Prior to joining the firm, he served in the Oklahoma House of Representatives from 2016-2022 as the State Representative for House District 87.

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