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Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Attorney Collin Walke on ABC 7 New York regarding Meta suing the Federal Trade Commission

December 2023

ABC 7 New York

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Hall Estill Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Attorney Collin R. Walke talks with ABC 7 New York regarding Meta, who is suing the Federal Trade Commission to block new restrictions on kids' data.

Instagram's parent company, Meta, is suing the Federal Trade Commission to block new restrictions on kids' data. Meta calls the limitations an unconstitutional abuse of government power. The filing comes after a ruling earlier in the week that allowed regulators to reopen Meta's landmark, $5 billion privacy settlement from 2020. The FTC claims Meta has violated the terms of that settlement, and in May of this year, placed new restrictions on the company that banned Meta from monetizing the user data of children. Regulators also called for new limitations on Meta's use of facial recognition.

On Monday a federal judge ruled that the FTC proceeding can continue. Meta quickly followed with an appeal, then expanded its pushback with the lawsuit. If approved, the restrictions could significantly limit Meta's data-driven business, especially among younger users.

Collin R. Walke is special counsel and leads national law firm Hall Estill’s Cybersecurity and Data Privacy practice. Prior to joining the firm, he served in the Oklahoma House of Representatives from 2016-2022 as the State Representative for House District 87.

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