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Media & First Amendment

Led by nationally–recognized attorneys Bob Nelon and Jon Epstein, our Media Law Practice Group specializes in litigation, as well as in preventive counseling regarding content review and various other non–litigation matters.  We successfully represent a diverse media clientele, including television, radio, and cable networks; major daily and community newspapers; magazine and book publishers and authors; internet platforms; local television stations; advertising agencies; trade associations; and software companies.  Hall Estill is a member of the Defense Counsel Section of the New York–based Media Law Resource Center.

Our Media Law Practice Group can help both media and non–media clients with serious litigation matters such as defamation (libel and slander), all four types of privacy torts—false light, publication of private facts, intrusion, and misappropriation of name or likeness––and related claims when our clients are alleged to have invaded others’ rights.  Our attorneys have extensive experience with anti–SLAPP motions as a way to resolve speech–based claims efficiently and economically.  In addition, they have handled many Oklahoma Open Records Act and Freedom of Information Act matters.

The litigation matters our media law attorneys defend typically arise out of media news reports, books, periodicals, movies, websites, and various forms of social media.  Hall Estill attorneys’ decades–long defense experience includes representing both traditional and non–traditional media as well as non–media companies and individuals.  Cases involving First Amendment rights can be complex and application of the law to rapidly changing technology is challenging; however, our attorneys have tried numerous defamation, privacy, and related cases and are experienced in assisting individual clients and companies in working with their insurance companies.

Our Media Law Practice Group is ready and able to assist clients with any media law–related matters, including:

  • Representation of traditional and non–traditional media companies and individuals who have been named as defendants in lawsuits claiming defamation, privacy, and related speech–based torts
  • Working with insurance companies and their insureds on publication tort claims (many corporate liability and some homeowners policies cover publication torts)
  • Anti-SLAPP litigation
  • Trial and appellate court briefing on behalf of amicus curiae on media law matters
  • Consultation with clients to conduct prepublication and pre–broadcast review and to advise on other content issues
  • Consultation or litigation about Oklahoma Open Records Act and FOIA issues, and access rights of media and others to people and places
  • Copyright and trademark issues
  • Other miscellaneous issues involving media rights and obligations