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Emergency Legal Response Team

For companies experiencing an industrial crisis, such as an accidental death, an explosion, a chemical spill or a looming financial crisis, time is of the essence. In these crises, it is important to notify your emergency legal response team so they may be deployed into action to assist your business immediately. Our Emergency Legal Response Team is comprised of attorneys with decades of experience in assisting companies with emergencies of all kinds, including industrial accidents, pipeline and terminal explosions, drilling rig accidents, building collapses, propane fires and explosions, as well as oilfield and industrial pollution, financial crises and similar catastrophic incidents.

Our attorneys on the Emergency Legal Response Team have a wide range of experience. The team includes a past in-house attorney at the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality, a former attorney for the Tulsa County District Attorney's Office and a former federal prosecutor with the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Western District. Our knowledge within this realm is unsurpassed and serves as a benefit to all clients in Oklahoma, regionally and nationally who engage Hall Estill as their Emergency Legal Response Team.