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Iciss Tillis to speak at NYU Journal of Legislation & Public Policy College Athletics & Employment Law Symposium 

March 23, 2022

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Hall Estill Labor & Employment attorney Iciss Tillis to speak at NYU Journal of Legislation and Public Policy Symposium College Athletics and Employment Law: A Conversation About Intercollegiate Sports and the Aftermath of NCAA v. Alston on April 1.

Tillis will serve on the panel Should Federal Action be Taken to Regulate Collegiate Athletics?

Topics to be discussed include:

  • NIL
    • Has the lack of federal legislation regarding NIL resulted in competitive imbalances? Has it affected the collegiate athletic recruitment process?
    • What are the practical implications of having NIL regulated on a state by state basis? 
  • Collective Action and Employee Rights
    • What is the impact of NLRB’s recognition that collegiate athletes should be recognized as employees under the National Labor Relations Act?
    • Should federal legislation include a provision on college athletes’ right to unionize? 
  • Recent personal jurisdiction challenges to class and collective actions for collegiate sports-related cases
  •  What are the practical consequences of NIL and athlete unions and collective bargaining on universities? 
  • NCAA’s newly adopted constitution and the NCAA’s continuing enforcement efforts   
  • Alternative models for what we currently recognize as college athletics