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Electronic Discovery

This rapidly developing area of the law requires up-to-date knowledge in two primary areas:

Records Management & Litigation Readiness Planning

We regularly assist clients by developing, reviewing, and coordinating the implementation of records management policies and schedules designed to facilitate the dual goals of corporate compliance and reduction in litigation risk. In addition, drawing on our wide-ranging experience with electronic discovery in the context of lawsuits large and small, we collaborate with companies to design and execute information retention and preservation solutions that reduce risk and save money.

Electronic Discovery Litigation Support

Our e-discovery team, which consists of attorneys and certified paralegals, as well as information technology, litigation support and library services specialists, works with clients to ensure that information-related decisions made early in the life of a case enhance rather than spoil the opportunity for a good result. We help clients understand planning and preservation priorities and the importance of data mapping. We are also available to assist with the selection of an outside vendor, if necessary, and to develop an e-discovery protocol tailored to a specific action. Finally, our team is aware of the latest technologies, enabling cost-effective data review and the identification of relevant custodians.