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IRS Declares March 2021 National Settlement Month

March 18, 2021


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The Internal Revenue Service Office of Chief Counsel has embarked on its most far-reaching Settlement Days program ever, declaring the month of March 2021 as "National Settlement Month."  Settlement Days events are coordinated efforts to resolve cases in the United States Tax Court by providing taxpayers who are not represented by counsel with the opportunity to receive free tax advice from Low Income Taxpayer Clinics (LITCs), American Bar Association (ABA) volunteer attorneys and other pro bono organizations.  How does one go about participating in a VSD event? One way is to be notified and invited to attend by the IRS working with LITCs and pro bono attorneys. The IRS proactively identifies and reaches out to taxpayers with Tax Court cases which appear most suitable for this settlement day approach. The IRS also generally encourages taxpayers with active Tax Court cases to contact the assigned Chief Counsel attorney or paralegal about participating in the March VSD events. Taxpayers may also reach out to LITCs and share a copy of this IRS release