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If Your Business is Experiencing Financial Distress, the Professionals at Hall Estill are Here to Help


To our valued clients and friends:

All of us at Hall Estill know that the ongoing pandemic is putting immense financial stress on both the economy as a whole and individual businesses. Shelter-in-place orders, mandated closings, and overall economic anxiety are all causing unprecedented effects; inevitably, all businesses will be affected in some way.

We can help you navigate these difficult times. If your business is experiencing financial distress, the professionals at Hall Estill are here to answer your questions and assist you in determining the best course of action to ease the impact this crisis will have on your business. Hall Estill lawyers can provide you with advice and counsel on the tools and options available to your business, including:

  • Distressed business planning
  • Out-of-court debt restructuring
  • Judicially assisted restructuring outside of bankruptcy
  • New Legislation: Assistance in both understanding and obtaining relief available to you under new legislation
  • Referral to crisis management
  • Tax planning and the operation of new tax legislation benefiting taxpayers
  • Real Estate Restructuring
  • Chapter 11 bankruptcy restructuring

Our team consists of a diverse group of uniquely versatile, vastly experienced attorneys, all of whom have assisted other distressed companies through difficult times with creative legal solutions to financial problems. We also have relationships with professional crisis managers, accountants, and other financial professionals to assist in non-legal matters.  

If necessary, we can help you decide whether bankruptcy may make sense for you and your business and represent you through that process. The new small business reorganization provisions, which are still new and not widely known, may be especially useful to you right now.

While this crisis may seem overwhelming, there are tools that can help ease the financial impact and provide you peace of mind. The earlier these financial stresses can be addressed, the more likely that there will be successful outcome. The professionals at Hall Estill can help you determine which option is right for you and your business.  

These are certainly trying times. Hall Estill is here to help you through them.